Robert Skidelsky
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Academic papers

The Social Market Economy [Part 1 of 2]
Robert Skidelsky
Social Market Foundation Paper no. 1 [1989] | Sunday, January 01, 1989

The most hopeful political development of recent years is revival of belief in the market system. It has become worldwide, uniting rich and poor, capitalist and socialist countries in a common language and the beginnings of a common practice. In Russia, China, and Eastern Europe, the monoliths of state socialism have started to crumble; in the West the army of officials is in retreat. New Vistas of freedom and peace have opened up as the world starts to converge on the ideals of political and economic liberty.
This global turnabout has already had an immense effect on the thinking of the Left. But there is a world of difference between "coming to terms with" market mechanisms or accepting their use where "appropriate",

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